Under 16’s

Important Information for under 16’s

In order for us to run the agency effectively we need to have your help and support in keeping the following items available at all times:

  • A photocopy of his/her birth certificate
  • 4 passport sized photographs

Licence paperwork
Most local education authorities will turn around a child licence within 7 working days providing all of the necessary paperwork has been collated; however they do reserve the right to ask for 21 days. There is little to non-leniency on these timescales and so we cannot impress enough the importance in keeping paperwork in check. Please see forms to be downloaded below:

All of your children should have now experienced working with our designated photographer. The photographs are an essential way for the agency to market actors and so therefore it is extremely important that we review each artist’s images regularly with view to updating every 12-18 months. We prefer to use our chosen photographer in order that standards are maintained to a high level.

Please keep us informed of any forthcoming holidays or commitments in order for us to maintain the utmost professionalism.

Measurement Forms
The measurement form must be updated on an annual basis; this is available for download here:

Spotlight Entries
Some of you will be familiar with Spotlight; it is the largest organisation for marketing child models and actors within the UK. Spotlight brings in a huge amount of acting roles and some casting directors will only look at children / actors who are registered.

We do strongly recommend you consider this for you or your child particularly with reference to commercial, film and television work.

All children/actors featured on the Spotlight web are also included in the Spotlight annual publication.

All the images submitted for publication must be professional photographs. The cost per entry is £96.00. For further information please visit the Spotlight website www.spotlight.com